Freeholder-elect Ashley Bennett appears on MSNBC after defeating John Carman


After New Jersey Freeholder John Carman shared a meme in January mocking the Women's March and asking if its participants would be home in time to make dinner, dozens of women showed up at his office while brandishing convenience foods and takeout menus. But when a local politician made a sexist joke, she chose to try to unseat him.

- Amy S. Rosenberg (@amysrosenberg) November 8, 2017A N.J. Republican mocked the Women's March online.

Democrat Ashley Bennett will now take Carman's seat on the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders, a nine-member governing body that oversees politics in the South Jersey county. The 32-year-old Egg Harbor Township resident works as a psychiatric emergency screener at a hospital. They stayed for two hours, but Carman declined to apologize and instead praised the women in his own family for being "strong" enough not to be offended.

The seat Bennett won is in a Republican district, and she still managed to win by over 1,000 votes out of 14,000 votes cast.

Democrat Ashley Bennett saw the meme and chose to do something about the anger she was feeling in response to it.

"I'm so humbled and so grateful to be able to run in the community where I was born and raised and went to high school", she said. Mkay. He was also spotted wearing a jacket with a confederate flag patch last month. "For all the people who felt their voice wasn't heard, I said 'I'll run and I will be your voice'".

Carman, for his part, did not seem to have been awakened by the response to his Facebook post, which drew immediate backlash from his community. "It's called humor." The trouble with saying "it's called humor" is that sometimes the butt of the joke gets the last laugh.