EA Acquires Respawn: New Titanfall and Star Wars Games on the Way


Respawn announced today that it will be joining EA. Respawn and EA launched Titanfall 2 in late 2016, with a new single-player campaign and expanded multiplayer gameplay, resulting in one of the year's top-rated shooters. He revealed that the deal is worth up to $455 million dollars if Respawn is able to hit incentive goals. Set up by Jason West and Vince Zampella after their high-profile firings from Activision, the independent studio has now been bought by EA for $151 million in cash, as well as up to $164 million in long-term equity over the next four years.

Respawn Entertainment was founded in 2010 by former members of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward.

Zampella told VentureBeat that Respawn has "worked together [with EA] a long time from the inception of the studio", and that talk of an acquisition has come up previously. "Together, we've brought this to life in the Titanfall franchise, and now with the Respawn team joining EA, we have exciting plans to accomplish even more unbelievable things in the future".

EA stated that Respawn has "multiple projects now in development", including the already announced Star Wars game, and "a new title in the Titanfall franchise".

Respawn is the creator and developer of the critically-acclaimed Titanfall franchise that energized the first-person shooter genre with its innovative gameplay. "The question was, where we are in the industry, how do we take the next step in making bigger, better games", he said.

Early a year ago, EA announced that it had contracted Respawn to make a Star Wars action game, in addition to the Battlefront series and what was then planned as a Star Wars action-adventure from Visceral, which has since been cancelled.

While it wasn't necessary, going with EA made a lot of sense.

Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President at EA, echoed his views as well, saying that the company wants the best games and a good relationship. "We see the need for bigger resources to make bigger games".