Apple's Newest iPhone Update Finally Fixes That Annoying Autocorrect Bug


Over the last few days, most iOS users have experienced the same peculiar bug: the letter "I" was autocorrecting to... something else. If the bug has been affecting you, go grab iOS 11.1.1 to rid yourself of the issue.

To fix the issue, you'll have to install the patch, known as iOS 11.1.1., by going to the software update section under the general tab in settings.

First announced in June, Apple is launching direct, person-to-person payments via the Messages app with the Apple Pay Cash beta, TechCrunch reports.

Aside from Apple Pay Cash, another important content of the iOS 11.2 public beta 2 is the fix to a odd autocorrect bug.

With the release of the update, that workaround should no longer be necessary.

Apple is expected to release iOS 11.2 soon, although it has not specified the launch date. The issue did not affect everyone, but many people reported the problem on social media.

But UK residents could be waiting until 2018 for Apple Pay Cash to arrive locally. The user must also select whether they'd like to "Request" or "Pay" that amount. Users can also connect their phones to a computer and download the new software from iTunes.

Apple Pay Cash can also be used on the Apple Watch.

In a support document, Apple recommended using the iOS's text-replacement feature to work around the bug.