Apple iPhone 7 Is Still the World's Leader in Shipments


Reports indicate Apple has surpassed Samsung as the top us vendor, just days after the iPhone X released to market.

Rassweiler continued, "While the iPhone X represents Apple's biggest step forward in design since it debuted the iPhone in 2007, its underlying architecture is analogous to the iPhone 8 Plus".

Despite Apple's claims of the iPhone X having "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone", warranty provider and habitual drop-tester SquareTrade concluded after a series of 61.8-meter drop and tumble tests that the top-end smartphone is the "most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to fix iPhone ever". While some older iPhones include features, such as a dual-camera system and wireless charging, Apple has given its super-premium device a je ne sais quoi that had consumers lined up outside Apple Store to purchase the device November 3. In users homes, AirPower would be another pricey accessory, much different than those already on the market, as most wireless charging stations can charge only one device at a time. The delays to the launch of the iPhone X would have hindered Apple sales in the last quarter but the new smartphone should definitely provide a boost for sales in the final quarter.

"Shipments of older devices, such as the iPhone 6s and SE, saw an uptick in Q3", said Ben Stanton. The Apple iPhone 6S continues to be the most popular smartphone in the world, with 7.53% of all smartphone usage. The iPhone 8, which arrived near the end of the quarter, didn't make the list of the top five most popular smartphone models. An iPhone X teardown and analysis reveals that the phone is actually the first truly new design in seven years! The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus accounted for 11.8 million of these.

The market clearly hasn't been kind to the iPhone 8 - but that hasn't necessarily been all bad for Apple. As for its flagship Galaxy Note8, the company managed to sell 4.4 million units in the third quarter. Worldwide smartphone shipments reached 375.9 million, up 5.9% year on year. Now, with the iPhone X, Apple is using OLED displays (a first on an iPhone) and depth-sensing cameras, which enable the device's face-based unlocking feature.

With a starting price of $999, the iPhone X is $50 more than the previous most expensive iPhone, the 8 Plus 256 GB. People want iPhones, even if they're not buying the brightest, newest model.

In other words, even when Apple loses on one product, it still wins.