Square Enix want to work 'aggressively' on Switch titles


That said, Square Enix considers the Switch an ideal platform for middle range games, which presumably means titles like the Secret of Mana remake, Project Octopath Traveler and Lost Sphear. That's soon about to change, however. They also added that multi-platform releases were possible, and the company wouldn't rule out any of its IPs for the platform, including "new ones, now active ones, now not-active ones".

And there's still more to look forward to. The PlayStation 4 sales are still the strongest, making up the 31% of the total sales, followed by the Xbox One sales, making up the 20% and the Nintendo Switch ones, making up the 19%. No price has been confirmed for the United Kingdom, but it will be sold on the US Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

The Farming Simulator phenomenon arrives for the first time on Nintendo Switch™. There are also three unique Nintendo-themed vehicles, two of which sport red and blue and green and blue liveries based on Mario and Luiji.

Square Enix's support for the Nintendo Switch is set to get even better. Still, it's good to see that at least one game developer is admitting the similarities between the systems' core technologies instead of providing silly excuses as to why they won't release their game for Nintendo's hardware. Cross-platform online multiplayer will allow players to play against PC and console players.