Christopher Tucker snaps Tara Serino neck, gouges eyes after refusing marriage proposal


34-year-old Christopher Tucker made a marriage proposal to 19-year-old Tara Serino at his home in the county of Berkshire, but she refused to marry him and revealed to him that she had sex with other men.

Christopher Tucker, 34, has been charged with murder and criminal homicide for allegedly killing 19-year-old Tara Serino, who was last seen by her family early on the morning of October 30.

Tucker reportedly told police that after he asked Serino to marry him, she said no, claiming to be sleeping with other men - and commenting that he should kill her. Tucker then strangled her, before poking her eyes out, breaking her neck, and beating her with a hatchet to be sure she was dead. He then wrapped Serino's body in a rug, leaving her in his Pennsylvania home before escaping to IL. The farmer was still inside the combine at the time.

Both the defendant's father, John Tucker and Fred Serino were reportedly trying to locate their children when John was notified that his son was in hospital after being arrested for trying to break into a farming machine. When police in IL questioned Tucker about the teen girl's whereabouts, he reportedly confessed to brutally murdering her.

State police are working to extradite him back to Pennsylvania.

The Iroquois County Sheriff's Department contacted officers in Pennsylvania and told them to search Tucker's house. Her injuries appeared consistent with Tucker's confession.

Tucker told Fred Serino that as far as he knew, Tara Serino wasn't with his son in IL.

But it wasn't long before Tucker was found.

Tucker had been arrested just days before Serino's killing on DUI and drug possession charges in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

"What our troopers found when they got there was very gruesome", said Pennsylvania State Trooper David Beohm, according to CBS Philadelphia.

It wasn't immediately clear how long or frequently Tucker had been seeing his victim before deciding to ask her to marry him. State police arrested Tucker on October 26 in West Wheatfield Township for driving more than 55 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. In those arrests, he was under the influence of metabolites, court records show.