Twitter apologises for '#bisexual' search error


Numerous Twitter users have noticed that searching for the terms bisexual or bisexuality (with or without a hashtag) and clicking on the fields for photo, video, or news results returns nothing but a message stating, "The term you entered did not bring up any results".

"This past weekend, searches for LGBT-related terms on Twitter like "#bisexual" and "#gay" simply stopped working.

Twitter has now responded to the huge outcry, saying "We've identified an error with search results for certain terms".

Twitter which updated its policies last week to fight abuse in an efficient way has come under fire for censoring LGBTQ terms like "bisexual" on its platform.

Kate Harrad, of campaign group The Bisexual Index, tells Newsbeat that bisexual people have "historically been hypersexualised and associated with porn and promiscuity".

As TechCrunch noted, after Twitter's seemingly ineffective response to years of widespread harassment on the site, some users have complained the site is still doing a poor job of moderating content. Twitter, however, said it was an honest mistake, and now it has revealed more details about the issue, including why it happened and what it's doing to fix things.

"We apologize for anyone negatively impacted by this bug", the company added. "It is not consistent with our values as a company", it said on its support account.

Some Twitter users have wondered whether Twitter blocked searches for the two terms in a misapplied attempt to block bi and trans sexual content. But the list of terms it used "was out of date, had not been maintained and incorrectly included terms that are primarily used in non-sensitive contexts".