An iOS bug won't let some users type 'I'


The odd behaviour has caused consternation and confusion around the world, given that "i" is a rather important letter in the English language, as well as being a key part of the name of the iPhone, iPad and iOS 11, all of which are being hit by the bug. Don't worry, a proper fix is also in the pipeline, likely making its way over-the-air as part of an impending iOS 11.1.1 update, but in the meantime, it's best to stay calm and try setting up text replacement.

Apple says the bug is affecting devices including the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that have updated to iOS 11.1.

Some users are seeing "A [?]" as the first recommended predictive text when typing the letter "I" using the iOS keyboard.

In a support document, Apple is advising that users create their own text replacement string to work around the glitch until "it's fixed in a future software update". The workaround involves using the autocorrect Text Replacement feature in iOS.

It's done by heading to the Settings app, clicking general, navigating to keyboard and selecting text replacement. We would expect the aforementioned bug fix update to be released sometime this week.

Once you do that, tap on the add button in the toolbar.

Now, in the Shortcut field, type the lowercase character "i".

You will be presented with a Phrase field, type the uppercase character "I".

The phone's predictive text automatically replaces the "I" unless the user chooses to correct it, they said. So do try both of these fixes and continue texting.

We look forward to Apple issuing this updating and ending this chaos, and will let you know when it's safe to use the first person voice in your texts and tweets again.

This is it for now, folks.