Graham Norton viewers slam Adam Sandler's 'uncomfortable' behavior


It comes as Hollywood was left reeling from the Harvey Weinstein scandal, with a string of A-listers accusing the mogul of sex crimes - including a number of rape allegations.

The American actor was seen resting his hand on the knee of British Claire Foy, 33, leaving her looking distinctly uncomfortable.

Fans were quick to make similar statements about Sandler's behavior on Twitter.

Claire has since brushed off the incident.

A spokeswoman for Foy said: "We don't believe anything was intended by Adam's gesture and it has caused no offence to Claire".

Emma Thompson, another guest on the program, appeared to glare at Sandler despite viewers feeling she was similarly touchy with him throughout the show.

Sandler, a married father of two, appeared oblivious to what was happening as he regaled the audience with a story.

The 51-year-old touched Foy on the knee while talking about a past Emmy award nomination, so perhaps it was actually an attempt to acknowledge her nomination this year for her role in the hit drama "The Crown" (she ended up winning, just FYI).

Foy's movement was so obvious that Sandler reacted by placing his hand on her knee yet again in what looked to be a clumsy attempt to... show no wrongdoing in the first place?

The actor put his hand on Claire Foy's knee during the interview, which clearly made her uncomfortable.

Adam Sandler has come under fire for touching Claire Foy's knee during an interview on Friday night's The Graham Norton Show.

Emma, 58, recently said that Weinstein was at "the top of the ladder of a system of harassment and belittling and bullying".

Soon after, a spokesperson for the actor explained that it was a "friendly gesture" and that he did it with Dustin Hoffman recently as well.