Moore, Jones are tied — Fox poll


Moore was twice suspended from the Alabama Supreme Court, first for defying an injunction to remove a Ten Commandments stone monument from the Alabama Judicial Building, and then for refusing orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The poll had both Jones and Moore with 42 percent support from participants while 11 percent of those surveyed declared themselves to be undecided.

Roy Moore's charitable foundation accepted a $1,000 donation from a group founded by an open Nazi sympathizer in 2005, HuffPost reported Wednesday, citing public tax records. Party loyalty (41% of supporters) may override some of that number, but it's significant that only 77% of Republicans are supporting Moore compared to 81% of Democrats supporting Jones.

"It's a Fox News poll, which is not exactly Democrat-friendly", Mowery said. Among those voters, Jones is ahead of Moore at 46% to 45%.

He founded Foundation for Moral Law and collected more than $1 million in compensation from 2007 to 2012 even though he said he did not take a "regular salary" from the charity, according to the Washington Post.

Alabama Republicans weren't energized by the fighting - only 17.6 percent of registered GOP voters turned out to vote in the proxy war between the GOP establishment and Bannon. "That's not easy to do". Eleven percent didn't know. Those backing Moore, said it's his Christian beliefs and party loyalty.

The FDFA's website now lists Moore as one of the recipients of financial support aimed at "solv [ing] the problems facing this great country".

Last week, a poll by a Montgomery research firm showed Moore leading Jones by 8 points. We just spent all day in north Alabama on Monday. The win has plenty of political experts talking, and we break down why.

"There is definitely an energy and momentum".

He said, what the polls could reflect is the fact Moore hasn't really started to campaign for December's election. Bannon, a former White House adviser, "embarrassed" Trump when his candidate challenged odd, the moderate choice endorsed by most establishment Republican leadership to steer the state.

Forty-seven percent of respondents identified as Republicans, 37 percent as Democrats, and 16 percent as independents or other.