The 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Friday the 13th Trailer is Here!


Friday the 13th just got a whole lot spookier, because the final Season 2 trailer forStranger Things has dropped - and it's sending shivers up our spine.

The names of the first six episodes of Season 2, which hits Netflix on october 27, are "MadMax", "Trick or Treat Freak", "The Pollywog", "Will the Wise", "Dig Dug", and "The Spy". It features an all new threat in the form of a shadowy monster with multiple limbs.

The trailer opens with her in the woods, taking one of the food supplies that we saw Hopper leave her at the end of the first season.

Halloween is right around the corner, which means Netflix is gearing up to ceremonially release the entire new season of Stranger Things. Along the way, they team up with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), a young girl with psychokinetic powers and a mad craving for waffles.

The show became a global phenomenon after being released on the streaming service previous year, its blend of 80s nostalgia, great child actors, and intriguing mystery winning it a legion of fans. But the biggest reveal is about the huge monster that's been haunting Will since he was rescued from the Upside Down.

If you ever wondered what some classic board games looked like over in the Upside Down world then look no further - because Hasbro has the answer.

The Stranger Things Twitter account has also teased a video, which might explore the origins of Eleven more.