Amazon's Roy Price Has Been Suspended


Hackett says she was inspired by the women who came forward - including actresses Rose McGowan, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Judd, Asia Argento, and more than two dozen others - about Weinstein's long history of sexual abuse of women.

Hours after the initial publication of the story, an Amazon spokesperson said, "Roy Price is on leave of absence effective immediately".

Isa Hackett is an executive producer on The Man in the High Castle, one of Amazon's highest-profile TV shows, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Hackett reported the incidents to studio executives who brought in investigators to look further into the allegations, The Hollywood Reporter added.

The claims include boasting about his penis and screaming "anal sex" in her ear in front of other executives at an Amazon afterparty.

Although Amazon won awards for such originals as Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle - and notched Oscar wins for Manchester by the Sea - rival Netflix has had several noisy series and Hulu was the first streamer to win the Emmy for best drama for The Handmaid's Tale.Price made a potentially transformative deal with Woody Allen but the resulting series was trashed by critics.

Hackett did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company says it did an investigation but Price still has his high-powered job.

Hackett said that Price started making lewd comments during a cab ride to the party - and continued even after she told him she's a lesbian with a wife and children, the magazine reported.

Hackett told THR reporter Kim Masters that the incident occurred in 2015. On Tuesday, the New Yorker released an expose revealing Weinstein allegedly raped three women. "As somebody with some power, I feel it is imperative for me to speak out".

Twitterati was also quick to react to the allegations and call out Price.

Her interview about this "shocking and surreal" event talks about the difficulty of speaking out, the anxiety the event has left her with, and how the Harvey Weinstein scandal inspired her to go forward. She said one thing that can help change the "culture of harassment" in Hollywood is "an infusion of new and diverse leadership, not just including women but gay people, people of color, people with disabilities - people with the full spectrum of life experience".

Hackett is the daughter of author Philip K. Dick, and the series is based on his work.