She's Gotta Have It


Most people feel like it's better to not touch a classic piece of cinema or television with a remake, but what if the creator of that classic cinema wants to expand its world?

Like much of Lee's oeuvre, the original She's Gotta Have It has it's fans, but it also definitely has its detractors, perhaps chief among them Bell Hooks, who not unfoundedly criticized the film's misogynistic bent.

All episodes of She's Gotta Have It premiere on Thursday, Nov. 23 at 3:00 a.m. EST. Launching on Netflix next month, the show re-energizes new life in to the 1986 film about Brooklynite, Nola Darling.

It again focuses on Nola Darling, but in a new form, and played by DeWanda Wise. Greene neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the series also features Nola's therapist played by Heather Headley and her friends: Clorinda Bradford played by Margot Bingham (Barbershop 3), Shemekka Epps played by Chyna Layne (Precious), and Rachel played by Elise Hudson. For those of you unfamiliar with the storyline, Nola is juggling three different relationships with three completely different men who all have something to offer.

Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee serve as creators and executive producers of the series through their 40 Acres production company. She's Gotta Have It was SPIKE's landmark film which he shot in 12 days during the long hot summer of 1986. While we got a sneak peak of the newly adapted series, we haven't heard much chatter about it until now.