Several NC prison employees injured, fires set in attempted prisoner escape


Authorities said that a fire was set in a Correction Enterprises sewing plant and several employees were injured at the Pasquotank Correctional Institute at about 3:30 p.m.

Officials say that fires were set in the prison sewing plant, and that several employees are injured. Local emergency management officials said about 5 was again safe for students to return home. The situation is "under control", DPS said in a tweet.

An endeavored escape was accounted for Thursday evening at a northeastern North Carolina state jail.

Buses on after school routes, with students on board, were ordered to turn back around and return to the schools, "due to the potential of inmates being in the area", the ECPPS said on its Facebook page.

A spokesperson with Sentara Albemarle Medical Center in Elizabeth City told CBS affiliate WTKR the hospital has received six patients.

After school events and athletics at Northside, ECMS and PCHS have been cancelled.

The institution is a high-security prison for men and has capacity to hold almost 900 inmates, according to its website. It employees about 410 people and houses almost 900 inmates according to the prison website. Minimum-security prisoners work outside the walls on road gangs for the county recycling department and performing other community labor.