Seth Meyers Throws Eminem-Style Trump Gauntlet at His Fans


The famous Detroit rapper released a freestyle, "The Storm", at the BET Awards on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday night, Fallon discussed the diss and joked that, "Trump was mad, but he was also a little confused". "Kendrick opened the door for people like me and Vince to speak up instead of just glorifying the ignorant stuff", he told Pitchfork previous year. He then flips the bird, a la Eminem in his music video.

Corden - host of the Late Late Show - also weighed in on what he imagined Trump's response was to Eminem's rap. Let's just say it wasn't quite Slim Shady stuff.

Eminem is facing backlash from fans after unleashing his scathing anti-Trump freestyle.

After playing the clip in which Trump called the rapper "a victor", Kimmel added, "Not anymore, I guess".

"I was inspired by [Eminem]", the NBC host said.

It's not Eminem's first criticism of Trump, although it's probably the most pointed.

Colin Kaepernick - who started the demonstrations by "taking a knee" past year - thanked Eminem for the song's reference to his ongoing protest on Twitter.

"Eminem and many artists make an important cultural contribution, and we need to imbed within our culture that voting is an obligation, is a responsibility, and that if you don't vote, that's not a protest", Ellison said.

Wrote one former supporter, "I was a fan of Eminem".