Las Vegas shooting: Trump awards $1million to law enforcement officials


The Department of Justice issued a statement shortly after, detailing planned emergency funds to "assist with the immediate costs of responding" to additional law enforcement needs following the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history that targeted attendees at a country concert on the Las Vegas strip. "These Metro officers and armed Mandalay Bay security officers immediately responded to the 32nd floor".

Stephen Paddock opened fire on Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos and the crowd attending a concert nearby at the same time or within 40 seconds of each other, MGM Resorts International said in a statement.

In a statement released Thursday, MGM Resorts said the specific time reported by Lombardo was incorrect and that Jesus Campos, the hotel guard, called in that shots had been fired within a minute of the gunman firing out his window. He was shot in the leg through the door of Paddock's room at 9:59 pm and six minutes later, at 10:05 pm, Paddock started firing into the crowd of concertgoers.

"We are now confident that the time stated in this report is not accurate", MGM said.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said investigators haven't yet determined a motive behind the mass shooting but they're still digging. Paddock's final shots were fired at 10:15 pm.

These developments frustrated Lombardo, who is reportedly stuck in a tough investigation that doesn't hold many answers. "I'm telling you right now, today, that that timeline might change again".

Authorities credited Campos with stopping the shooter, since the hotel guard turned Paddock's attention to the hallway. Police didn't arrive on the 32nd floor until 10:17 p.m., two minutes after he had stopped shooting.

MGM's statement also leaves uncertain whether the information about the shooting was relayed more widely to police officers.