Get the Pixel 2/XL fancy new calendar widget on any Android phone


These pop-up stores will allow general consumers to get up close and personal with all of Google's newly announced products, and if they're anything like past year, they'll offer all sorts of different activities and demos to show just what the company's new hardware is truly capable of. It actually works very well and we find ourselves using it much more than we do Allo. The good news is you get the same camera no matter which phone you choose, unlike Apple who reserves the dual-lens camera for the Plus models. This makes it easier for all users to have a face-to-face chat with their loved ones as Google implemented a new menu option when selecting your contact to dial in the phone application.

Google is now working with their carrier and device partners in order to roll the update with integrated video calling out to various other devices.

As Another Widget was just released (and Google only first showed off this home screen look less than a week ago), I'm sure its developer is taking note of these problems and will hopefully address them in a future update. We're working with our carrier and device partners to bring this experience to more Android devices over time. If not, both must install and set up Google Duo in order to perform a video call.

Be on the lookout for this integration to possibly hit your phone soon.