Facebook to launch new virtual reality headset, 'Oculus Go'


Facebook-owned Oculus hasn't released detailed specs for the Go, which arrives next year, but Carmack acknowledged at the company's developer conference today that it "had to cut hard on what hardware could go in to make that $199 price point". Being a developers' conference, Zuckerberg and his executives spent time on explaining how this opens up opportunities for the developers to work on the VR platform. Unlike many other VR headsets, the Oculus Go is portable, as it is equipped with built-in speakers. This new type of News Feed post would allow for the expansion of VR's audience by letting those people who do not have a headset, preview and play with the latest work that has been done. The new standalone device has a self-contained PC so it won't require a beefy desktop or expensive smartphone to tether.

But, what else does Oculus Go offer that its fully fleshed out sibling does not? It's also going to have integrated audio, so you don't have to worry about any extra cables lingering around while you're trying to immerse yourself in the moment.

Oculus has just come up with a new VR headset which it also claims to be among the cheapest of its class.

In addition to the announcement of the Go headset, Oculus also shared some more details on "Project Santa Cruz", a new prototype the company is developing towards a wireless, untethered VR system. Barra said that Oculus Go will land with day-one compatibility with the entire GearVR library, which may indicate that it will contain smartphone-level processing as opposed to something comparable to a high-end PC. That being said, the Go comes at a pretty affordable price of $199 making it a pretty appealing product both for consumers and a much larger market.

Mark Zuckerburg wants to put one billion people in VR, and thinks that this is the way forward. Facebook has not managed that yet. To convince the developers, he told them that all of that represented big new ideas.

Zuckerberg is betting that the future of VR will be, like Facebook itself, "social", with users sharing experiences across distances. "I actually think it's the opposite", he told the crowd. We all have limits to our reality. With what we know so far about the device, it would be hard to argue against that.