Doctor responds to argument in viral video


Jessica Stipe, 38, posted the video of the incident on Facebook and wrote that she asked Gallogly how much longer she had to wait to be seen.

The doctor concerned at the Gainesville After-Hours Clinic, 926 NW 13th St., Peter Gallogly, is now under criminal investigation, Gainesville Police spokesman Officer Ben Tobias said, according to The Gainesville Sun.

He continues to yell at Stipe as he screams: "get the f*** out of my office".

"Are you kidding me?" the doctor asks, his voice raised.

Gallogly also said the video is heavily edited and taken out of context.

Stipe told the doctor that she was "miserable" and just wanted to "go home and get in my bed". "I got seven rooms back there".

Toward the finish of the moment long clasp, Stipe's little girl - who is a minor, as indicated by Stipe - comments that she's been recording the entire thing.

Gallogly reveals to Stipe that he's as of now run a pee test on her before logically asking her, "Does that take 3 seconds, you think?"

In her Facebook post, Stipe wrote that she was "severely sick" after which she came to the Gainesville After Hours Clinic with a 6:30 p.m. EDT appointment.

The video had 250,000 views and almost 4,000 shares on Facebook as of Wednesday.

In a statement released by Gallogly he said: "Ms. Stipe had been increasingly belligerent and abusive to the office staff, cursing and threatening them with violence, because she was unwell and had been waiting to see me for more than an hour".

When he walked into the waiting room to speak with her, he said, Stipe and her daughter "cursed and threatened me as they had done with the office staff previously".

Gainesville police were called to the scene, but said they could not file charges because the daughter was not injured in the incident, even though he clearly assaulted her.

"Yes I'm employed, I don't do drugs & yes I wanted meds. a antibiotic!" she wrote.

He doesn't defend his behavior but claims he lost his temper: "While not an excuse for my behavior, a basic reason for my reaction is that I simply regard my staff as family, and I over-reacted to defend them". "You know this was uncalled for & for those of you who don't and are being rude and hateful to me and my child". "But please appreciate that the video is but the last minute or two of a very abusive tirade against my office staff by the two women".