Arrow Launcher is now Microsoft Launcher; Microsoft Edge available on Android, iOS


The upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will include a new feature called "Continue on PC" that will be supported in both the Edge browser as well as the company's launcher.

So, if you're filling out a web form on your mobile device, you can "magically send that task to your Windows 10 PC" and finish up on your desktop, with a bigger screen and keyboard. The app is available in preview starting today.

Microsoft is allowing members of its Windows Insider program the first shot at checking out the Edge browser for Android and iOS.

The rebranding makes a lot of sense on Android because it puts the Microsoft name front and center for the launcher alongside of a new logo for the app. This allows users to seamlessly switch from Edge on iOS or Android to the Windows 10 version, picking up right where they left off. The Microsoft Edge browser is available for iPhones in preview whereas the Android version is coming soon to the Windows Insiders.

The mobile version of the default browser in Windows 10 will be an integral part of the upcoming Windows Timeline, a feature that will be part of the fifth feature update for Windows 10 that is expected next Spring. Users will be able to import most of the essential data from their Windows 10 Edge browser like favorites, reading list. If you've ever the iOS's handoff feature in conjunction with a Mac, then what Microsoft is adding here will be familiar territory.

The project builds upon the company's previous "Arrow Launcher" created in the Microsoft Garage, which fosters experimental projects.

The continue-on-PC functionality also comes with Microsoft Launcher for Android, which takes advantage of that platform's ability to let users customize the launcher displayed after a phone's home button is pressed. They provide a user interface that looks quite Edge-like, and they sync with your Microsoft Account, but they don't use the Edge rendering engine from the PC.