Uefa Nations League: how the four leagues will line up


You may have heard the UEFA Nations League being mentioned today, the new competition will replace global friendlies and Ireland have been placed in League B.

At a draw on 24 January, each of the four leagues will be divided into four groups of three or four nations who will play each other home and away in the worldwide breaks from September to November next year.

UEFA have also confirmed that Nations League games will stand as "competitive" replacements for global friendlies, but not as a replacement for the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign, which will now begin in March 2019 and end in November 2019.

League A: Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Iceland, Croatia, Holland.

The draw for the tournament will take place in Switzerland in January, with the games taking place next Autumn between September and November.

Each of these mini-tournaments will feature two semis and a final, with the four victorious nations all going through to make up the numbers at Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 qualifying will then take place between March and November 2019, with the Uefa Nations League Finals for the top four teams in June 2019.

The overall Nations League rankings will also be used to decide the seedings for Euro 2020 qualifying.

League B: Austria, Wales, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Turkey.

For the UEFA Nations League Finals, the group winners of UEFA Nations League A will play in a knockout format (semi-finals, third-place match and final) in June 2019 to become the UEFA Nations League winners.

Division D: Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Malta, Kosovo, Andorra, San Marino and Gibraltar.

This continues accordingly until each of the groups have four teams in the play-offs. It concludes with the Final Four tournament in the summer of 2019.

But, for fairness, any team that wins their Nations League group will not be "promoted" into a play-off in a league above their own.

The Euro 2020 qualification play-offs are set for March 2020 as mentioned above, and Euro 2020 itself, which will be played across the continent, will begin three months later.