Super NES Classic Edition has already been cracked


No real details have been unveiled concerning the new trademark, although some outlets erroneously stated that "Game Boy Classic Mini" had been trademarked, which is in fact untrue.

Russian cracker/hacker "Cluster" has already found his way into Nintendo's brand new Super NES Classic, a record time compared to his attempts to crack the original NES Classic.

The Japanese video game company filed a trademark in its home country on September 15, which included an image of the original 1989 Game Boy. Though numerous categories are not related to the gaming, it may have been included to protect the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy brand, notes Kotaku.

Based on its recent console re-release trend, we're starting to think that gaming is simply a front for Nintendo and that the company has been working on a shrink ray for the past few years.

Looking for something a little more universal? DarkGiygas created this awesome border, which mimics original Super Nintendo box art.

So, does this mean that a Game Boy Classic is in the works? In 2005, the Japanese firm came up with a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance, dubbed as the Game Boy Micro.

Nevertheless, if Nintendo does not come with any such device, you can always play Game Boy cartridges using Hyperkin's Android phone add-on SmartBoy. That move seems even more likely as the 30th anniversary of the first Game Boy will happen in 2019.

As the new SNES Classic Edition continues to sell out almost instantaneously every time more units appears in stores or online, it seems like a no-brainer that Nintendo will continue to produce other retro consoles in the future. The N64 Classic Edition is rumored to launch sometime next year.