Super Mario Odyssey goes Broadway (Donkway?) in new live-action trailer


Nintendo has revealed a new trailer in the style of a Broadway musical for its upcoming Switch game Super Mario Odyssey.

In conjunction with the video's release, Nintendo is also offering gamers to download a short version of the song for free on the game's website until January 2018.

It's for the song 'Jump Up, Super Star!' that has already been released and has been in some of the trailers - an outrageously catchy tune.

Mario has transformed into another dinosaur in the new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario may be trying to stop Bowser yet again in Super Mario Odyssey, but this may be the first game where Mario is actually having fun on the journey there. For even more cuteness, we see Mario throw his hat to a dog who playfully catches it without getting possessed.

But also it's impossible to watch without falling into the existential question of what Mario is. In New Donk City everyone is just smiling and having a good time. And lest you think I'm alone in this, a new live-action commercial for the game shows Mario dancing it up with well-dressed citizens of New Donk City.

Look out for Super Mario Odyssey to be released on October 27 on the Switch.