SpaceX Launched Two Falcon 9 Rockets this Week


SpaceX will launch a Falcon 9 rocket tonight from Kennedy Space Center that may be visible from South Florida. The launch will re-use the Falcon 9 which was used in the February launch of the CRS-10 resupply mission to the International Space Station. It's the first of two launches the organization intends to endeavor this week on opposite coasts of the US. SpaceX will launch all 75, in another four launches of 10 at a time and a final launch of just five. To date, SpaceX has landed Falcon 9 first stages on 17 separate occasions, most recently on Monday (Oct. 9) during the launch of 10 satellites for the communications company Iridium. If this third launch of a "flight proven" booster proves successful, SpaceX will likely have a much easier time of finding customers for flight-proven rockets in the future.

SpaceX launched the third set of Iridium NEXT communications satellites into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., Oct. 9.

The Falcon 9 will carry a high-powered communications satellite, which will work double-duty for the USA -based operator EchoStar and Luxembourg-based SES.

After these two launches, SpaceX will have finished 15 missions this year, nearly twice the same number of as the organization did in 2016; SpaceX's launches a year ago were stopped after one of its Falcon 9 rockets detonated on a platform during a normal filling strategy. Up until this point, the climate is looking entirely useful for launch, with a 90 percent chance that conditions will be positive.

Two hours and 15 minutes after liftoff, SpaceX Falcon 9 principal engineer John Insprucker reported that all 10 of the 1,900-pound satellites had been successfully deployed.