School CCTV captures heartwarming moment girl learns she is being adopted


The moment an 11-year-old foster child found out she was going to be adopted was caught on camera, and it'll have you blubbing.

And then last Monday, Miss Jackie, the office manager at her school, walked in with wonderful news.

Tannah tells KUTV that she was so happy the adoption was final that she couldn't let go of Miss Jackie.

"I was overjoyed and humbled", Alexander said. "We could not quit embracing. I just kissed her up one side and down the opposite side".

This is what "pure joy" looks like.

Tannah was so excited she immediately jumped on her friend and wrapped her arms and legs around in her delight. "It was like 'ah!' It was like screaming", she said.

Alexander, who teaches at American Heritage of South Jordan in the USA, explained she knew the family who were in the process of adopting their three foster children, all of whom attended her school. In 12 years at this job, this is by far my best moment ever!

"[Jen] knew she would want to know right away because she had been so anxious", the post continues.

To tell a young lady that she gets her family always takes the cake.

"Never, ever, ever give up", she said.

'We just feel like we're ordinary people that are taking care of three children that we love and we want to be part of our family, ' Jen Fisher said to KSL.

The Fishers are also adopting two of Tannah's siblings, Teagun, 6, and Tallie, 2. Eleven-year-old Tannah Butterfield spent the last two years hoping a judge would make her foster parents her forever parents. "In a world full of sadness and disaster, so wonderful to see this truly attractive and joyous moment", wrote another.

"I've been overwhelmed that my simple thoughts of a sweet moment have gone so viral", Alexander said.