Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins Leak; Event Launches Today


Halloween Terror 2017 is kicking off soon for Overwatch players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This will be coming with some new skins and options and will be up and alive for the following three weeks. Is this some kind of a story developing or is it random decorations just to fit the event? Other new skins include 80's Zarya, Viking Torbjorn and Pirate Ana. Blizzard has also added haunted versions of the game's Eichenwalde and Hollywood maps for even more spooky vibes. In doing so, they will be able to expand their "collection of spooky seasonal cosmetics".

Junkenstein's Revenge is back this year and it comes with a brand-new endless mode.

First and foremost, Reaper, McCree, Zarya, and Symmetra will all be receiving brand new Halloween-themed skins, while the other characters will receive the same skins that they got previous year. There are over 140 items available, and if you happened to miss out on any of the Loot Box drops past year, these items can be purchased with credits for a discounted price.

Overwatch Halloween 2017 start time COUNTDOWN: Skins, Terror Event UK Update

That's on top of the Van Helsing-inspired McCree Legendary already revealed by Blizzard. Symetra will also be included as a new villain in Juneknestien's Army, joining the ranks of the Reaper, Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog), and the Witch (Mercy). Players will take on waves of enemies and bosses trying to assault the castle doors. Players can choose to be one of four heroes - Genji, Torbjorn, Zenyatta, and Widowmaker - and see how long they can last against the waves. "Those who survive the longest will earn a spot on the all-new leaderboard".

Assuming Blizzard stick to their usual release schedule for events like the Summer Games, Winter Wonderland and more, then we suspect today's Halloween Terror Event will start somewhere between 6pm and 7pm UK BST start time.

Players have until November 01 to play this seasonal event and unlock its loot and stories.