New Amazon Kindle Oasis Is Larger, Waterproof And Can Play Audiobooks


Amazon has just announced an all-new Kindle, the Kindle Oasis, a 7 inch, 300 ppi Display, waterproof e-reader with Audible support. The lower price combined with the improvements Amazon added makes the refreshed Oasis a more sensible purchase. The upgraded model has a slightly larger 7 inch display with an aluminum back.

You'll get a battery life of "weeks, not hours" and there's a fast charging feature so you can get from dead to fully charged in two hours.

Amazon has been selling Kindles for 10 years now, but "waterproof" never appeared on its list of incremental technological advancements - until now. And best of all, there's an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of your Kindle display - something the original Oasis cruelly lacked. That means it can fit 30 percent more words than before and Amazon says page turns are even faster. Oddly, Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Apple and Google and decided not to equip the device with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

With Audible built in users can easily switch between reading and listening to a book on Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones. Theres a 32GB version too, if you expect storage to be a problem (e.g. if you consume many audiobooks and graphic novels). Despite the bigger screen, it's still thin and light, making it a good tool for your reading. Amazon said it made it water-resistant because customers like to use Kindles while in the bathtub.

The new Amazon Kindle Oasis starts at $249.99 (there's a standard 8GB model and another one with more storage (32GB) for audio books and cellular connectivity that costs $349.99).

The device, which weighs 194 grams (0.4lbs) can be pre-ordered now and will ship on 31 October. If you happen to own both the ebook and audiobook of the same edition, the Kindle Oasis will let you flip between the two, picking up on your ebook where you last left off on the audiobook edition and vice versa - a huge bonus for avid readers who drive a lot for work.

Saarnio said: "I'll end at an ebook page at home, take my Kindle Oasis into the auto, pair it via Bluetooth and then hit play and it picks up the audiobook right where I left off in the ebook". Amazon has added six extra font size levels, meanwhile, in addition to five levels of boldness. Barnes & Noble's Nook business is dead, and Kobo has never been able to get real traction in the United States (although it's popular in Canada) outside of free-software fans and hardcore Amazon haters.