Day After Visiting Maze, Mom Realizes 3-Year-Old Is Lost


A Utah mother is being investigated after her 3-year-old son was left overnight in a corn maze. Indeed, it was shortly before 8am Tuesday that the mother of the boy finally called police, reports KUTV.

He says the boy was cold and frightened but unhurt when someone else found him at the maze Monday evening.

Staffers called on a bullhorn and searched for his family but couldn't find anyone until his mother called police Tuesday morning.

But Schmidt said maze workers and police were unable to locate the boy's family and "we couldn't get him to give us his name".

The mother reportedly said she entered the maze with a large group of adults and children, according to Daily News.

Investigators followed the boy home, where he lives with multiple families and about 10 or more children, Monson said.

Police have issued no citations, noting the incident had been turned over the DFS for investigation and it is unclear rather or not they have released the child back into parental custody.

The boy is expected to be reunited with his family.

The maze informed guests that they had a missing child, but nobody came to claim the boy by the time the maze had closed. "These are all questions [investigators] want to ask".