Amazon's Alexa can recognize the voices of multiple users


Amazon says it'll allow Alexa device owners to "shop confidently" knowing Alexa recognises their voice.

Voice profiles will replace Alexa voice training. Starting today, the company will finally start rolling out customized voice detection. You'll have to repeat ten sentences over to train Alexa that it's your voice. Voice profiles can be made with the Alexa app and any Amazon Echo device. With voice recognition, however, that code can be bypassed, with Alexa only placing the order if she recognizes the person making it.

Amazon tells us that the voice recognition feature will extend across the entire range of Alexa devices, as well as numerous third-party Alexa devices not made by Amazon.

In April, Google announced it was bringing individual profiles to its Google Home speaker thanks to its ability to discern individual voices.

The battle of the smart speakers has become a constant back and forth between Amazon and Google. Now, six months later, Alexa evens the score.

When shopping, voice recognition will make it easier to make secure purchases. After using that code number one time with voice recognition enabled, Alexa will only ask for it in the future if she isn't sure it's you.

This mystery device will supposedly include numerous same features the Show already has (including YouTube playback) while also acting as a smart home hub for various smart home devices. The company also claims it will "get smarter", the more people use it.