Snapchat news update as popular messaging app gets new Context Cards feature


The feature is called context cards, and it allows Snapchat to surface information related to a particular restaurant or business when someone views a publicly-viewable Snap related to that place.

Snapchat will also make it easier to book ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft - when you click on directions, for example, you'll be presented with an option to book a vehicle.

With the advent of Story Search and Snap Maps, Snapchat has proved not just that Snaps are good for more than silly selfies, but that Snapchat is one of the best resources when you want to know what's happening in a particular location.

Context Cards are the new way to dive deeper into the content you see on Snapchat.

The Context Cards will vary by type of venue and the information available about each location.

You could already see where your friends are and what they're doing with Snapchat, and now Context Cards provide actionable information right in the app.

Snap says it aims to always show you the most relevant information. Context Cards won't be limited to single Snaps either, as Snapchat is integrating them into Stories as well.

App monitoring website Down Detector reported the disruption of Snapchat services late last night, after the users fumed on another social networking site Twitter. The first Context Card that appears will contain basic information, such as the name of the place, category of venue (e.g., department store or restaurant), and partner ratings.

The information about locations, such as opening times, directions and contact numbers for restaurants, will be added to pictures as a "more" option when tagged with a location.