Proceeds of Hellblade going to mental health charity today


Instead, Ninja Theory produced a game many relate to, something they put on display in a new trailer.

This announcement coincides with today's World Mental Health Day, and the developer has said that it'll donate all proceeds to a United Kingdom based mental health charitable foundation. The game's available on Steam and on the PS Store, so make sure that you purchase a digital copy before midnight, and rest assured that your money will be going towards a noble cause.

Developer Ninja Theory has announced that on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, all proceeds from the sales of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for the day will go to a UK-based mental health charity. It also obviously had a profound effect on both the development team and players, which was highlighted in a recent video created to accompany the announcement. Instead of previewing review scores, they made a decision to showcase in-game screenshots taken by fans. Rather than a few choice blurbs from critics and reviewers, Hellblade's accolades trailer is comprised of fan screenshots from the game's photo mode and messages sent to Ninja Theory from players who have identified with the game and its protagonist. Hellblade is focused entirely on the story of Senua and a personal journey she undertakes.

Rethink Mental Illness ( exists to support and campaign for those severely affected by mental illness. The group wants to help those affected by the invisible illness by challenging and changing attitudes. "We are delighted to be supporting this important work with this donation".