HSE Wants To Make Flu Jab Compulsory For Health Care Workers


"There's a term called cocooning, which is where every one of us who can get a shot, should", said Pam Whitney with the Missoula County Health Department.

To find the nearest flu vaccination location, check out the HealthMap Vaccine Finder.

So please learn from my experience: Get your shot, and if you happen to be the unfortunate person who still manages to win the "flu lottery", go home and take care of yourself!

But there is a way we can arm ourselves against germs, especially the flu bug.

About 53 percent of the population, to be exact, said no thanks to the shot last flu season.

"Reactions to the shots are minimal, and can include slight redness, swelling or soreness".

Even if patients were vaccinated last year, officials say they should get the vaccine again because the virus protection decreases over time and the vaccine is updated each year to keep up with changes.

As flu season quickly approaches, health experts warn now is the time to get vaccinated. Nasal spray vaccine is not recommended for this flu season due to concerns regarding its effectiveness.

For those who are unable to attend the community flu vaccination event on October 14, the flu vaccine will be available at Carson City Health and Human Services' Immunization Clinic every Thursday between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 4:30 p.m. on a walk-in basis. "All people should receive a flu vaccine in order to protect themselves, as well as protect the most vulnerable citizens like babies less than 6 months of age and immunocompromised individuals". "You should get a flu vaccine before flu begins spreading in the community".

The rate of influenza vaccination over 65 years old was 63.9% in 2009-2010, but declined in the following years, after the vaccination campaign that is controversial against the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009.