Destiny 2's Iron Banner Plays Differently Than You're Used To


Today, Guardians will be able to explore the Iron Banner (with its new features) and get some sweet Iron Banner armor, as well as get some nice loot for completing challenges and strikes. Sadly, the Presitge Raid mode has been pushed back by a week thanks to some enemy exploits found out by Bungie.

Thankfully though, the lacklustre Iron Banner will still go live today. Maybe your Foetracer helmet is still the same Power that you received it at during Destiny 2's story, there's nothing stopping you from using it. And while some of the core elements remain the same as in the original Destiny-it's a highly competitive Crucible mode that's only available for a limited time-things are a quite a bit different than you remember. This meant the return of Lord Saladin, an NPC who was the star of Destiny 1's Rise of Iron expansion.

The October 10 Destiny 2 weekly reset marks the beginning of Iron Banner in Destiny 2. So form your fire team and test your strength!

In the video above, you can check out some gameplay from the just-launched Iron Banner event. To gain access to the Iron Banner event in the first place though, you'll have to have completed the main Destiny 2 campaign, have spoken to Lord Saladin in the Tower, and embark on the Iron Banner quest.

Bungie is also including Daily and Seasonal Milestones for players to complete, along with new sets of armor and weapons. We can't say that these Milestones challenges are right now, but it's a fairly safe bet to say that they'll reward you with some Iron Banner Tokens for your efforts.

From left to right you've got the full armour sets for Titan, Hunter and Warlock classes.