Derrick Rose recruited LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in 2010


In an interview prior to the Bulls' preseason game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Rose insisted that he did try to recruit big name free agents, including LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade when they hit the market in 2010.

The irony in all that?

Dave McMenamin of notes that Rose filmed a video that year in which the guard made an effort to lure the trio to Chicago, citing the young talent that was already on the roster. "I tried to recruit", Rose said, pushing back-really for the first time-against the long-running narrative that Rose, then preceded by his ever-humble image, didn't lobby players on behalf of the Bulls. I tried to recruit.

Rose is talking about an apparent recruitment video that he sent out to the stars in an attempt to get them in Chicago. "I put out a video", he said. I felt like the organization was supposed to say that.

"I mean, it ain't for me to say that, but yeah, they didn't say anything about [the video]", Rose said of the Bulls. Obviously it didn't work out, and nobody knows if they even saw the video, but it's pretty amusing that Rose finds himself with those same guys seven years later. "But at the time, it wasn't for me to say that". "If you want to come here, come here, but it's not up to me to make that decision". After starting his career in his hometown of Chicago, he spent last season with the New York Knicks. There was also talk that the former league MVP had talked to both Wade and LeBron James about joining the Bulls during the summer of 2010.