Joe Girardi: "I screwed up" by not challenging HBP call


Sanchez, who had a great view of the contact, immediately signaled to Girardi and the Yankees dugout that this was an improper call. It was a reverse Wild Card Game win.

The Yankees suffered a crushing 9-8 defeat in Game 2 of the American League Division Series.

However, it was called by the plate umpire as a hit-by-pitch and they are reviewable. If the review had been made, Lindor likely would have led off the seventh, but instead came to bat with the based loaded and sent a pitch over the fence for a grand slam cutting a five-run lead to just 1 with momentum all in the hands of the Indians.

However, Sanchez was calling out to have the call replayed from the moment it happened, so that in and of itself, should have told the Yankees skipper something was wrong.

Girardi said replay guru Brett Weber never got the slow-mo angle of the foul tip hitting the knob of the bat.

We also touched on some of the various decisions Terry Francona has made leading up to these games; his decision to start Trevor Bauer in Game 1 and the roster construction and why some defensive specialists seem to be prioritized over others.

Girardi is in the final year of his contract, and this one decision won't - and shouldn't - change the decision to bring him back.

CC Sabathia was rolling. Instead of putting Green on in the 7th, Robertson in the 8th and Chapman for the 9th, Girardi lost his lead, and ended up using Chapman for two innings, Robertson for nearly two, Tommy Kahnle and finished with Dellin Betances, also throwing for two innings before allowing Gomes to win the game.

With a five-run lead, Girardi should have challenged. It was, in every way, the best-case scenario for the Yankees - but even then, against a team that had won 34 of its previous 38 games, they had to know that no lead was safe. "To me, it's not about me wanting to pitch the first game or wanting to pitch the second game". Green, this team's most reliable reliever for most of the season, gave up a two-out double to Indians catcher Yan Gomes.