Expanding iPhone 8 batteries 'a very serious problem' says energy storage expert


On its website on Thursday, China's state-backed ThePaper.cn cited an iPhone buyer surnamed Liu as saying his newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived cracked open on October 5.

Apple has said it is looking into claims that the batteries in its new iPhone 8 Plus phones are swelling and cracking their cases. This leads us to believe that the phone may burst into flames like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 past year.

A bunch of cases earlier this week have signaled towards a possible defective battery in some of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus units which abnormally swells up the device.

Apple says it is aware of the matter. It's not clear at the moment whether all of the iPhone 8 units have been affected or it's just the certain units. Pre-orders for the device are likely to be well down on previous model launches, although that may be due to customers waiting for the premium iPhone X which is not due to launch until November. "And in the days since, there've been cases in China, Canada, and Greece", The Verge reported on Saturday.

Although, Apple has not confirmed it seems that an expansion of the internal battery is causing the devices to split open. The iPhone 8 Plus battery is getting swollen up, causing the casing to crack open from the sides. A report by iRepair revealed that the issue happened even with Apple's official charger and lightning cable.

The iPhone 8 has been getting indifferent reviews and share prices of in the company are falling.

In Japan, another iPhone 8 Plus user tweeted pictures of his device, showing the bowing in the screen and how it separated from the main chassis.

Apple has taken the bursted iPhones 8 in for study. For example those working outdoors might require a phone that's rugged, students who a budget might want a phone that's cheap, and there are also different needs when you're a regular consumer versus one who wants a phone for enterprise purposes. But if there are two or more bad apples in every case, that's a problem.

Many also believe the imminent release of Apple's flagship £999 ($999) iPhone X, overshadowed the launch with die-hard fans choosing to wait until it is available.