Justin Timberlake Finalizing Deal to Perform in Super Bowl Halftime Show


I told you back on August 26th that the National Football League wanted Justin Timberlake and Jay Z for the Super Bowl halftime show.

According to US Weekly, Timberlake is finalizing the deal and that there will not be any surprise performers. Justin has had many famous collaborators over the years, so fans could potentially expect some guests if things change.

According to the report, Timberlake is set to perform solo with no surprise performers now set to appear alongside.

"Nipplegate" caused a storm in the United States with MTV being banned from future Super Bowl half-time shows and broadcasters CBS being fined $500,000. The rapper was a featured performer on Timberlake's "Suit and Tie", the first single from Justin's album, "The 20/20 Experience". The report says Timberlake would be the only performer.

And four years ago Beyonce performed solo for the 2013 Super Bowl which led to an internet storm over unflattering photos of her. Timberlake, if you remember, was part of the controversial nudity scandal involving Janet Jackson back in 2004. While the two of them had to issue an apology, the blame was predominantly left on Jackson throughout the controversy.

The show also ended with more criticism for Jackson than Timberlake, which JT eventually lamented. The incident not only created backlash for both Jackson and Timberlake but sparked new regulations for live television. Earlier this year, Lady Gaga stole the stage with a breathtaking performance. He is now at work on his fifth studio album.