World's oldest person dies at 117 in Jamaica


Ms Brown was born in 1900 in Jamaica, then part of the British West Indies.

Violet Mosse Brown of Jamaica was 117, and the world's oldest person, when she passed away on Saturday (NZ time). In April he had received recognition of woman più elderly in life of Guinness Word Record.

Since becoming the world's oldest person less than a year ago, Brown has brought much visibility to Duanvale.

The oldest person in the world who was the last living subject of Queen Victoria and worked for "masters" on a Caribbean sugar plantation has died aged 117.

The last days of her life were fraught with tension as Brown was caught in the middle of a dispute among members of her family. She died at a medical facility in Montego Bay, St James, after a brief illness. She resided with her grandchildren and other family members. She was also predeceased by the world's oldest man, after Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal died at the age of 113 during August in Haifa, Israel, shortly before his 114th birthday.

It comes after Jamaican Violet Moss Brown, also 117, died last night.

Her son Barry Russell, 85, told The Gleaner she was taken to a doctor, who said she had irregular heartbeat. Brown told them it was still a little "like slavery" and was hard, but little by little Jamaica had become a good place. She particularly enjoyed sitting on her veranda and watching pedestrians and cars pass by.