PCC opens new resource center for DACA students and families


If you were associated with the City of Westminster and Police Captain Don Hauptmann back in the day, you've probably heard of Hauptmann's Law of Thermal Dynamics. It's more a matter of whether it will even come up for a vote, if politicians decide to put politics ahead of the lives of 800,000 people.

For example, when the media is bearing down on the sheriff's office over some incident, it isn't focused on other local governmental organizations.

In a hearing Thursday, Garaufis warned that he could find the government's actions to end the program for nearly a million immigrants "arbitrary and capricious".

Newsday reports that Garaufis specifically mentioned a recent Tweet by the president in which he praised Dreamers as proof that he wanted to save DACA. "I'm in limbo, I don't know what's going to happen", he said.

By his thoughtless action, President Trump could severely damage the American economy.

In the years following President Obama's creation of the program, critics complained that his executive action skirted the rule of law and overreached his authority. But more voters are either not too confident (29 percent) or not confident at all (14 percent) Congress will be able to act in the next six months to protect them from deportation.

Demonstrators in lower Manhattan on September 5th, protesting the Trump administration's initial decision to end DACA.

Congress now has six months to act or almost one million people will be forced back into the shadows.

The chancellor also recommended that those who need financial assistance to cover the $495 renewal application fee should apply to the Mission Asset Fund which is providing 2,000 Dreamers with scholarships that will cover the full cost to renew DACA permits.

A judge said Thursday he'd prefer that politicians in Washington, not the courts, settle the issue of what to do about thousands of immigrants brought into the United States illegally when they were children.

"The American people know what a wall is", King said. After all this time, they still feared being deported. America has become their country and their opportunity. Asked about DACA, he insisted nobody's talking about "citizenship" or "amnesty": "We are not looking at citizenship".

The Democrats said the agreement had been made "excluding the wall".

The clearest path forward is to pass the Dream Act, which I co-sponsor.

"I am a dreamer and the U.S.is the only country I have ever known", said Chirayu Patel, founder of DACA network, which provides information and legal resources for DACA recipients. "So we're working on a plan, we'll see how it works out", Trump told reporters on Thursday. Ultimately, it will be on his desk if the legislation is successful.

"This is a president that has backtracked on his word before", he said.