No change in USA position on withdrawing from Paris Agreement: White House


An official with the European Union told the Wall Street Journal that the USA will not be pulling out the deal, something that Trump said he would do in June.

But the White House quickly attempted to rebut the report.

The Trump administration may not remove the United States from the Paris Agreement, a historic and vital 195 nation accord to reduce unsafe greenhouse gases.

Whether or not Trump administration stays in the climate accord, the U.S. is expected to significantly reduce its ambition to curb greenhouse-gas emissions - in line with Trump's goal of clinching "fairer terms" in the deal, the Journal reported. "As the president has made abundantly clear, the United States is withdrawing unless we can re-enter on terms that are more favorable to our country", said Lindsey Walter, a deputy White House secretary.

The conference, which is being hosted by Canada, China and the European Union, brings together 30 nations in order to talk about the next steps of implementing the 2015 agreement.

The Trump administration has changed its mind and will not pull out of the Paris Agreement, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. The expected to significantly reduce its ambition to curb greenhouse-gas emissions, which would be in line with Mr. Trump's goal of clinching "fairer terms", the official said.

If true, this would mark yet another reversal of a Trump campaign promise, one of the most controversial.

The U.S. government has not changed its position on withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate change, the White House said on Saturday.

There was a lot of blowback from the global community when Trump announced he was pulling us out of Paris.