It director Andy Muschietti teases plans for 'Chapter Two'


The actors, who make up the Losers' Club, don't feel like they were given many directions, as they didn't need any.

On a lower end, Wyatt Oleff and Jermey Ray Taylor as Stan and Ben offer a typical child actor performance. Not necessarily a sequel, but rather a continuation of the story of the Losers Club, after they first defeat Pennywise and go on to become adults. There is not too much in the way of suspense, with Argentine director Andrés Muschietti opting instead for more visual scares. Between the homes of the families we're exposed to in Derry, Maine, we see a heavy dose of physical, mental and sexual abuse towards the children. What he was not clear on was whether we will actually see Maturin on screen in Chapter Two, either because this has not yet been decided or because Muschietti didn't want to give anything away.

However, Muschietti along with the other producers of the film were already considering the matter ever since the first movie started filming. This comes just days after Andy Muschietti revealed that the sequel would return to 1989 and also explore a "cosmic dimension" that is teased in Stephen King's original novel.

Barbara on getting the greenlight soon: "The hope is we'll find the best way soon, because it's also important for Andy to get flashbacks with the kids, who are growing very fast". But a gatekeeper in Derry named Mike Hanlon will bring back the group together after 27 years.

The film follows in the tradition of another Stephen King book-turned-film, "Stand by Me", as well as many Spielbergian pictures such as "E.T.", "The Goonies" and "Super 8". Skarsgård's role was one that could easily have gone wrong due to overacting or coming off as comical, but he found the right measure of fearsomeness to make the character of Pennywise a truly unsettling on-screen figure. Is there anything creepier than horror-movie children?

"It won't be a comedy", Muschietti said. As the film goes on, each member of the club has their own experience with a unusual entity in the form of Pennywise the dancing clown, or "It" as the kids refer to him. "And being the one who didn't want to participate he gets the worst part". And why doesn't this town care that kids are mysteriously going missing one by one?