Georgia Power restores electric service to 270000, continues field work


Georgia Power is reporting state wide more than 770,000 customers are now without electricity. "There's no way we would be as far along in the restoration effort without these critical partnerships, and we won't rest until every customer's lights are back on".

Georgia Power monitored the path of Hurricane Irma for more than a week prior to the storm entering Georgia.

The utility has never before had to deal with a storm affecting its entire service territory, company spokesman Rob Gould said. "We ask for the patience of our customers as we undertake one of the most challenging rebuild and restoration efforts in our company's history".

About 310,000 of Tampa Electric's 700,000 customers were estimated to have lost power in the wake of Irma, president and CEO Gordon Gillette told CNBC Monday. Irma caused extensive damage across the state by knocking down trees that destroyed or damaged homes and knocked down power lines. If customers believe their power is out for this reason, there is no need to contact us.

"We're entering the stage of this restoration where we have restored numerous big blocks of customers, and are now going into neighborhoods and in some cases house by house", said FPL spokesman Bryan Garner.

"Virtually all of our facilities in the area are on generator power because commercial power has not yet been restored", said spokeswoman Mindy Kramer. We follow an overall plan that calls for restoring power to the largest number of customers safely and as quickly as possible.

Some residents were evacuated on early Sunday morning and some woke up feeling sick at the center, which had been without air conditioning, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said.

Even when winds have subsided, conditions can be risky.

Anyone who is dealing with a down power line or power pole should stay away from it and report it to 1-800-4OUTAGE.