Airstrike hits US-backed fighters in east Syria wounding 6


Deir Ezzor has been a key base for ISIS since the group first captured a majority of the city back in 2014.

Although the FBI conducted hundreds of investigations and made scores of arrests for raising money or providing support to Islamic State, relatively few Americans made their way to the front lines as combatants.

SDF fighters have been advancing against IS fighters on the east bank of the Euphrates while Syrian government forces and their allies are pushing on the western side against the extremists.

"At a time when the SDF's fearless forces are scoring great victories against IS in Raqa and Deir Ezzor".

"In this case the proper authorities would be the equivalent of the department of state in the country", Col. Ryan Dillon told reporters at the Pentagon via a video conference from Baghdad.

The group is supported by United States weapons, air strikes and intelligence as they battle IS in Syria, where the fight is now focused on Raqa and the Euphrates River valley.

Currently, both coalition supported Syrian Democratic Forces and pro-regime government forces are homing in on ISIS positions in the province.

In the tri-border region that includes Syria, Jordan and Iraq, he said that coalition forces continue to conduct patrols and prepare for counter-ISIS operations with the Maghawir al-Thawra, known as MAT or, in English, the Revolutionary Commando Army, near Tanf.

Al-Sinaaiya is an industrial area northeast of the city of Deir Ezzor, about seven kilometres (four miles) from the east bank of the Euphrates. European governments and others have said that any of their nationals captured should be returned for trial at home.

"The convergence of military forces in this area calls for increased awareness and de-confliction", Dillon said.

Coalition troops advising and assisting the SDF were not wounded, the Pentagon added. 'We put our full efforts into preventing unnecessary escalation among forces that share ISIS as our common enemy.

The SDF also condemned the strike in a release. "We are fighting terrorism in Iraq and we are killing them in Iraq".