YouTuber Elijah Daniel Became Mayor & Banned Straight People from Town


Elijah Daniel, the newly appointed mayor of Hell in MI, has announced a ban on all straight people from entering his town, calling them a "radical" threat and promising to "Make Hell Great Again". Daniel told The Huffington Post that he spent two days looking for a quick, easy place to hold a higher office until he came across Hell.

During his short tenure as mayor of Hell, Elijah banned heterosexuals from entering the town, in a nod to the similar ban issued by Mr Trump earlier this year.

"Growing up, I was always told that homosexuals would go to Hell", he wrote in the proclamation. "Now the heterosexuals are trying to take that from us too".

Those who were heterosexual and wanted to enter Hell still could, Daniel explained in the document- if they agreed to undergo "new vetting measures to keep radical heterosexuals out of our town". The straights coming into our town procreating, having more straight children to take our rightfully gay jobs.

"Any heterosexuals now residing in Hell will instead be charged an $84,000 reproductive precautionary deposit, which will be returned after one year of abstinence from any heterosexual activities". Only an hour later, Daniel wrote on Twitter, "I've been informed that I've been impeached as mayor of Hell".

But Daniel did not mean to be cruel, and reached out a hand of friendship to straights, as long as they renounced their sinful ways - spiritually, financially and, of course, sexually.

When Elijah Daniel was sworn in as the mayor of Hell, Michigan, this week, he immediately started implementing his agenda.

"We will also be offering a heterosexual reparative therapy program for hetero residents who would like to denounce their heterosexuality and become gay like the rest of the town".

If they refused to participate in the therapy, they would have to wear a scarlet "H" and meet in the town's center to be "straight shamed". "Everyone who becomes mayor there gets impeached".

It was a tough loss, though unlike most political careers it didn't appear to take up too much of Daniel's time and money. "This will not effect my presidential run", he said.

He says he was inspired to move from making videos online to politics by Donald Trump.