Protecting your eyes during the solar eclipse


The rectangle you're left with goes inside the box creating a mini projection screen. To make it, you cut the pizza box in half, put a one-inch round hole in the top piece, and tape a piece of foil over the hole.

All you need are a few pieces or thicker paper, some aluminum foil and a pin or a paperclip to poke a small hole. This will allow the sun's rays to come through the pinhole on the left side of the cereal box and onto the paper on the other side of the box.

The total solar eclipse is quickly approaching, and as you get prepared to view the rare event, you need to make sure you correctly protect your eyes with either eclipse safety glasses or a pinhole viewer.

You're done! When you look through the right side of the box with your back to the sun.

Do not forget to never look directly at the sun. Anything with small holes will do - a colander, for instance, or even an index card with a hole in it. Stand with your back to the sun, hold up your hole-filled object and watch the shadow it casts on the driveway or sidewalk. A reflection of the sun will be projected through the foil and onto the white paper inside the box Remember, never look directly at the sun!

Pinhole viewers can be made in minutes and are a fun activity to make as a family.