Premier League to change transfer deadline


If the Premier League closed their window significantly before the current August 31st deadline, that would leave players susceptible to outbound transfers to leagues with still-open windows - but would render the Premier League sides unable to then flip their monetary compensation for replacement players. Although not the best display from Arsene Wenger's side it was a win which gives the club a platform to build from. A more condensed period might make for more frantic activity, but at least you wouldn't have these huge dramas that take up time and resources, and usually end up in the same place.

In its first ever season, back in 1992/93, 71% of registered players were English and just 55 came from outside of Britain.

But Brady claims that all but three clubs have stated their preference to close the window before a ball is kicked, and a vote will be held on September 7 on the matter.

After an incredibly exciting opening weekend of Premier League action, the second week of fixtures is already upon us. They will get found out on occasions, but will certainly be a joy to watch and have every chance of staying in the league this season.

Named in the Bundesliga Team of the Season last term, Arsenal snapped up the bullish Bosnian defender on a free transfer and his early performances would suggest the Gunners have landed themselves an absolute bargain.

'If the window is shut before the season starts we can get on with the football, ' said Clement.

By the 2002/03 season, 77 nationalities were represented in the 20 squads, and there were more foreign recruits (58%) than homegrown players. But Premier League clubs voting to end it early simply because it makes things less messy for them feels like a halfway house that could only create more problems. It positions the Premier League as different, special if you will. Ross McCormack's move to the club hasn't worked out and is a good reason to be careful of squad and player valuations.

"At our managers' meeting at the Premier League last week, we spoke about it", he said.

The transfer window isn't riding an all-time high in popularity anywhere in world soccer.

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