Mother of Charlottesville victim says she won't talk to Trump


"Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our handsome statues and monuments", Mr Trump wrote in a string of tweets. He lost the support of a string of chief executives, forcing him to shut down two business advisory councils set up to energise American industry.

Nearly an identical number (57%) who disapprove of Trump say they are never going to change their minds on the President's job performance either.

Mr Trump unleashed attacks on two Republican senators, Mr Jeff Flake and Mr Lindsey Graham, in a series of Twitter posts yesterday, raising fresh doubts about his ability to work with lawmakers in his own party to win passage of his legislative agenda, which includes tax cuts and infrastructure spending.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - A majority of Americans say they disapprove of President Donald Trump's handling of the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia, and believe his policies have done more to encourage racial division than racial unity, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Polling numbers indicated that the public remains uneasy about Trump's ability to handle the North Korea situation - 59% said they are uneasy about his ability to do so, while 38% said they have confidence.

Americans view Trump much less favorably than past Republican Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

So who are the most hardcore groups of Trump backers?

At first, the big news was the violence Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, that took the life of a woman protesting white nationalists who flocked to town to oppose the removal of a statute of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

"Publicity seeking Lindsey Graham falsely stated that I said there is moral equivalency between the KKK [Ku Klux Klan], neo-Nazis & white supremacists and people like Ms. Heyer". "However, because of the manner in which you have handled the Charlottesville tragedy you are now receiving praise from some of the most racist and hate-filled individuals and groups in our country". Such a disgusting lie. "For the sake of our Nation - as our President - please fix this", Graham said.

Disapproval of the President's handling of events rose following the news conference in which he blamed the violence in Charlottesville on aggressors on both sides of the conflict - equating the white supremacists on one side with the "alt-left" on the other side - after his top White House aides spent days trying to clean up after Trump's initial vague response. "The people of SC will remember!" the president wrote. But officials in several states and cities have called for their removal. U.S. Senator Cory Booker, also a Democrat, said he would introduce legislation so that could be done. The looming question before the United States is where all this will end.