Epic Looking Star Wars: Battlefront II Space Battles Teaser Trailer Leaked


Ughhhhhn at least THIS Battlefield title got it right: Star Wars Battlefront II: Starfighter Assault looks gorgeous, balanced, and super fun to fly in your favorite TIE Fighter or X-wing. It shows off the game's space battles, one of the most anticipated elements of the sequel.

Fighting in what's left of the second Death Star in the aftermath of Return of the Jedi is exciting because it's not only hitting the nostalgia button, but we're moving the plot along to see how familiar locations have changed. It then cuts to an Imperial shipyard above Fondor with Darth Vader taking part in the battle.

Also present is Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator and Yoda's zippy little Jedi Starfighter. With bigger and better space battles, new characters and planets, maps from every era, and a dedicated single-player campaign, Battlefront II is shaping up to be a must-have this holiday.

The first look at the game's Starfighter Assault mode has the Millennium Falcon, bright lens flares and yes, Yoda manning a laser turret.

An actual gameplay stream for this mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is expected to take place at Gamescom. Those who pre-order can get up to three days early access and exclusive character costumes.