Dick Gregory Dead - Stand-Up Comic & Civil Rights Activist Passes Away at 84


Dick is considered to be one of the most unique comics of all-time and is also highly regarded for his activism in the Civil Rights Movement.

The family of legendary comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory announced Saturday night that he had passed away.

Condolences poured in on social media. They asked for privacy as they grieve, but appreciate the "outpouring of support and love" they have received.

By 1961, Gregory's comedy caught the attention of Hugh Hefner who hired him to perform at the Chicago Playboy Club.

He preformed primarily in small black-owned clubs while working as a postal worker.

His gig as Corey's replacement was successful. He was among the first U.S. black comedian to perform regularly in front of white audiences. He wrote several books, including "Murder in Memphis", which analyzed the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Gregory's death came days after he was hospitalized for an undisclosed condition.

The man who was a giant in the comedic world and a social advocate for human rights left a legacy of making us laugh using the ugly truth and nothing but the truth.


John Legend tweeted, "Dick Gregory lived an wonderful, revolutionary life".

We will miss you, Dick Gregory.

In a message to fans posted on his Instagram account after he rescheduled the event in Atlanta, Gregory talked about the political climate in the US. "So I say, 'Hey, buddy, are you a looter?' And he says, 'No, I'm a psychiatrist on my way to a house call'".

John Legend: "Dick Gregory lived an unbelievable, revolutionary life".

Celebrated writer, humorist and civil rights figure Dick Grogeory is now in the hospital, fighting for his life. A groundbreaker in comedy and a voice for justice.