Andromeda shuts all the Single Player updates


Unfortunately, there are no more patches coming for the single player story, but more story info will be provided via APEX multiplayer missions and upcoming comics and novels, including the fate of the Quarian ark.

BioWare will, however, continue to add more multiplayer content.

This confirms a DLC cancellation rumor dug up by Kotaku back in June.

Have you played Mass Effect: Andromeda's single player lately?

Though plans could of course change and nothing was officially announced at the time, BioWare has now confirmed that Andromeda's latest update was its last, and there are no plans to patch in single-player or in-game story content.

"Early in development, we chose to focus Mass Effect: Andromeda's story on the Pathfinder, the exploration of the Andromeda galaxy, and the conflict with the Archon", reads a statement on the game's official website.

During these past few months, Bioware has improved the facial animations and the character models in the game's cut-scenes, expanded its customization options, and fixed a number of issues that were reported by its community. That doesn't mean Mass Effect on its way out, though. We're proud of what we created, and we hope you enjoyed it as well.

If the story narrative is not one of your things, the Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer, the mode will be updated with missions, content, character kits; making things easy. That, to us, suggests that BioWare wants to do whatever it takes to restore the series' good name.